Monday, May 7, 2012

Sign Revamp #1

We have this sign that was handed down from Jeff's grandparents and when we moved to our current home, I pulled it out and started using it even though it has never really been our style.  It is the "old school" rustic log cabin/burnt wood look, but still neat since it has our name on it.

Since I used the sign outside, it has seen quite a bit of weather.  Here's how I decided to attack it: 

I started by using my palm sander to take off the dirt and grime the weather added over the years.  Since I'm not really into the burnt wood look, I did a little extra sanding on the edges as well to take off the darker look.  Then I wiped the sign down so that it was all ready to be painted.  Next, I did a couple coats of an Ivory spray paint and went over the top of the Ivory with a stiff bristled paint brush and grey paint.  I loved how the streaky look was turning out, so I just made sure my brush strokes went fairly evenly the same direction and left it with one coat of grey.

The only thing that bothered me about the sign was that I was afraid people wouldn't be able to read it from very far away.  At our new home, I plan to hang it from a wood mini shepherds hook of sorts with our address below it (pictures to come when that's complete), so I wanted to make sure someone on the street driving by would be able to read it.  So my husband helped me out a little and burned a very small line on the inside of each letter to help the letters stand out.

I am really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to add our new address and get it hung!!  Since it will continue to be displayed outdoors I have sprayed it with an all weather sealer to make sure it lasts and is moisture proof.

Sweet & Simple!!

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