Friday, June 8, 2012


I thought I'd share some cute online finds that I would love to add to my home, but it's easy to say no right now since we are time or room!

Here's one from Fishs Eddy's a berry basket that you would get at a fruit stand, only ceramic!  Super cute!  $16.95

The next cute item I have found is the Gershwin Clutch pattern designed by Charlie's Aunt (a company) and you can download the pattern online at for $8.  They also had a couple other cute purse patterns.

The next item is on Fishs Eddy again and it's a 16oz glass food storage bowl.  Super cute!  This is the Food Bank Floral Bowl and the one below is the Food Bank Ric Rack Bowl.  5% of the proceeds go to feed the homeless in New York.  This little bowl is $2.50... you could get a cute little set and benefit the homeless!

Some fun items!  Back to packing!

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