Friday, August 10, 2012

Wood: Reusing and Rustic!

Central Oregon has some amazing rustic style that is mixed with a very current, often earth friendly vibe.  Now, I'm not saying all, or even most of Central Oregon is blessed with style and creativity, but when you see it, it's pretty amazing over here!

If you follow my posts very closely, you may have seen my post on high desert gardening and this post is my follow up on one of the amazing homes we were able to go into at the Sisters Home and Garden Tour.

This was the home of a true artist!  Not only did we get to tour her home, we were able to tour her studio...which was AMAZING.  The picture above is the entry into her house.  We were told that the wood in this house was RECLAIMED!  The picture may not do it justice, but the wood was truly amazing.  This family's style and ability to blend natural colors, textures and her artwork, was beautiful.

This home did an excellent job of being stewards of our earth by reusing many of the things in the home, but updating it in to a fresh RUSTIC FARMHOUSE!!  So cute!

Sweet & Simple.

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