Sunday, August 12, 2012

Multi-color Chalk Painting

The chalk painting continues... 
We have this very cute bench for the entryway at the cabin, and it definitely needed some painting.  After doing some cleaning (see my cleaning and painting post) we used Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue chalk paint.  After one coat, it was a bit streaky because we left our paint open and the paint thickens super quick when exposed to air.  The blue was a bit bright, so the second coat we painted was Annie Sloan's Pairs Grey chalk paint.  *Remember...when you begin painting again, chalk paint reactivates and the texture/streaks will not change much.  They may get streakier.

We achieved the multi-toned look by using extra fine sand paper and gently sanding.  When you sand chalk paint, it comes off VERY easily.  We had to be careful to lightly sand where we wanted the blue to show through and a little more sanding where we wanted the wood to show.  My advice...less is more.  Like I mentioned, the chalk paint sands off very easily. 

The other thing I thought I'd mention, if you don't like the texture/streaks of chalk paint, like the (unfinished) bed frame below (painted with two coats), lightly sand the chalk paint and it smooths out.

Last, you should pretty much always wax chalk painted pieces.  Whenever the paint comes in contact with moisture, it reactivates.  The wax helps give it a protective coat so this is not a problem.  Waxing is a whole separate blog, so stay tuned!!

Keeping it sweet & simple!


  1. I'm loving the bench, and really like the color of it. also added two different colors adds a lot of debt! It is very pretty, I have a love-hate relationship with chalk paint. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

    1. Thank you!! Thanks for the encouragement and yes...this chalk paint stuff does prove to be tricky but lovely when it all comes together!

  2. Beautiful bench transformation! Thanks for sharing ~


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