Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 9 of 10

Almost 9, it has felt a bit like a marathon.  Sorry I'm a bit late today with my post, stinkin technical difficulties!  Thanks for your's put me a bit behind so tomorrows will probably be late too!  On with the DIY bunting!

This was actually my first bunting ever!  Even before the Noel one I did earlier in the series!  It was also my first Christmas project this year.  I'm hoping to take a cute Christmas picture with Jeff and I holding it, but I wanted snow in the background and it hasn't snowed enough since well before Thanksgiving.  We might just have to take a drive! 

So this was a pretty simple project, and it only took time because there are so many letters in what I wanted to spell.  I purchased a cardboard stencil set from Walmart for under $4, black paint, a sponge brush, red embroidery thread, and rope from the hardware store.  I used the back of one of the coffee burlap bags I get from our feed store for the triangles.  I also used left over fluffy white yarn from a scarf I made. 

Be careful when you are painting on your letters to make sure you have something underneath your burlap.  Once all my individual letters dried on the burlap, I used a tapestry needle and red embroidery thread and did a large stitch around the edges.

Now this next step was a bit challenging...I didn't know exactly how I wanted to attach the bunting to hang it.  I knew I wanted a thick rope, but it wasn't coming together like I wanted in my head.  That's why I haven't posted it when I finished a scarf and had some leftover white yarn, I thought it would look super cute wrapped around the rope.  Almost a little Santaish, even though I'm not a big Santa fan.  Maybe more snow-like. :)

I attached the burlap to the rope with, none other than Tacky Glue and made sure it had plenty of time to dry (overnight) before hanging. 

What do you think?  I've had some super sweet comments on facebook already.  Thanks so much! 

Simple & Sweet!

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  1. I love this bunting! Burlap and simplicity are exactly what I use to decorate my house.

    You are being featured today over on the blog.


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