Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baby Shower Decor and Games

Thanks for joining the chit chat on how my sister-in-law's shower was created!  Hope it's helpful in your next party journey!  I like to keep things as cute and simple as possible.  This post is going to go over the shower decor and games. 

It works best and most cost effective to try and decorate with the food, game supplies, and gifts as much as possible!  Here is what we did!  First off, we were lucky that my sister-in-law has a very talented florist as a friend.  She sent over a stunning arrangement that we used as a focal point for the dessert table!  We also had the large alligator cupcake arrangement that you can look at from Monday's post.

The only other flowers I picked up were two bundles of daffodils, which are in season right now in Portland and very inexpensive.  I put the daffodils on the entry table with our first game supplies.  This game we played throughout the shower.  Each person took a necklace (I tied pieces of ribbon into necklaces and put clothespins on them) and was told that they could not say 3 words.  If they were caught saying any of those words, they had to give that person one of their clothes pins.  The person with the most clothespins at the end, won.  Very fun and easy game.  I wrote the words that the ladies could not say on the chalkboard and hung the necklaces on some cute hanger rods my mom had! (All this in the entry).

For a sign outside, I painted a jumbo 3-D paper mache letter (from JoAnne's online) and tied a 26" balloon (also can be found through online party stores) to it.  I had a small stake that I attached to it and stuck it in the yard.  There were only a couple small adjustments we had to make...I had to wrap it like a present since it was raining...and the balloon got so wet/cold that it wouldn't float, so we had to put it under the porch!! Silly Oregon weather!

Since the baby will be a boy, I found a onesie with a tie on it and traced it and cut out a bunch of different ties to use for the game gift bags and a garland over the fireplace.

We also had people fill out little sheets of paper with tips for the new mom that she could read and save for later!  Last, I used two more of the large balloons behind the gifts to add a bright little pop! ;)  My next post will be one more recipe from the shower and the food menu!  Have a wonderful day!


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