Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Final Day 10 of 10

I really hope you have enjoyed the 10 day series of Christmas projects!  It has definitely been hard work planning and coordinating for me, but the projects were all very doable!  If you still need more ideas, visit my Holiday Crafts board on Pinterest. 

Today's project may be my favorite.  I started with a World Market napkin that has a fun edge around it.  They are only $3.99 and make a perfect table centerpiece.  They also had a couple different colors.  I found a red and white fabric, went online and found a manger scene silhouette, printed and cut it out, then traced it on my fabric and cut it out.  Once I was done, I adhered it to my "napkin."  If you want to do this project and you feel like you will be washing it a lot, I would recommend sewing around the edges or doing a large stitch with embroidery floss for extra reinforcement. 

Pretty simple.  I did this project in less than an hour. 

Simple & Sweet!  Happy holidays and I'm sure I will have a couple more holiday projects before Christmas, so I'd love to have you join me again!  I'm also hoping to feature a few of our family favorite recipes and a couple I have tried recently.   

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  1. love this nativity!

    hope you'll find a moment to stop by (if you haven't already!) and enter a giveaway i am hosting: http://www.hellolovelyinc.blogspot.com/2012/12/personalized-lovely-giveaway.html

    smiles and happy weekend to you.



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