Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 2 of 10

Welcome!  Thanks for joining my blogging series.  If you missed yesterday's, we did Yarn Trees that are simple and inexpensive.  They would be a great craft to do with kids or use for decorating anywhere and not have to worry about them breaking!

I have always loved the coast, whether the Oregon Coast or the beach in California, or even the East Coast (I finally got to visit summer before last), it's such a wonderful place.  I also love coastal decorating.  Now that we live more in the mountains/country, I promise I don't beach my house out...but I like to bring a few things in whenever possible to add a little coastal charm. 

My guest bathroom is faintly coastal, so when I saw a driftwood tree on Pintrest, I had to create one of my own!  If you'd like to see the original, visit my Holiday Crafts board.

Once again, I picked a project that is really pretty simple.  You can pick up a canvas very inexpensively at your local craft store.  I used some leftover red burlap and on my last trip to the coast, I picked up small pieces of driftwood.

Assembly was very simple.  I cut the burlap to the size I wanted.  If you don't know the trick to cutting burlap so that it doesn't continue fraying, I will share it with you!  First cut a small snip in the burlap and pull one strand out as far as you would cut.  Coming from the other direction do the same until your strand meets the other one you pulled out.  Cut along the gap where you pulled the string out.  I wanted the ends of my burlap to be stringier, so I pulled a couple more string out along the edge to get the look I wanted.

Next, I layed out the driftwood how I wanted the tree to look.  With a couple of the pieces I had to break them to the right size.  Once I had my sticks laid out, I started gluing them to the burlap/canvas.  I did not glue the bulap down...I decided to leave it loose and that once I glued the sticks down, it would stay just fine.  If you want a flatter look, you could definitely attach the burlap.  I would suggest a spray adhesive.  If you attach it how I did, just hold the sticks down for a few seconds before moving on.  Once all sticks are glued, let it sit for a good 20mins. 

Last is choosing a topper.  I found these little sparkly snow flakes (originally ornaments) at Walmart in a pack of 6.  There were different colors in the pack, but I chose the white one for my tree and glued it on. 

I decided to put it on our dresser in our bedroom and am thrilled with how cute it is! 

Simple & Sweet!  Join me tomorrow for another fun project!

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  1. This project is very cool. I am also a fan of keeping things simple...I find that simple is usually best! Thanks for sharing - I may have to make one of these using some of the million sticks in my yard :)

  2. What a clever idea! The tree looks awesome, I've never seen anything like this before. I'm so glad to be your newest follower, love your blog:)


  3. Adorable! I love the way the tree turned out - what a great decoration for the Christmas season! Thanks so much for sharing at our Pinteresting Link Party!


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