Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, it's been a while since I have posted.  I usually don't wait as long in between posts and it has been a while since I have shared house updates, so that's what I thought I'd do today!

If you don't know the history of our story, right now my husband and I are having a house built.  I have done pretty much all of the interior and most of the exterior choices and man has it been a job.  It's scary to pick things out because you know you will be living with them for a VERY long time and you don't have anything to match it up to...very different than living in a house and doing sporadic updates!! 

We were supposed to be moved in 4 months from the start date...haha, well that date came and went (September 15th) and we are still waiting.  Our new (5th...) date (no joke) is January 11th and things are really looking close!  Once we are moved in I will do a room by room tour with links and/or descriptions of my choices.  That way if you love anything, you can look into it easily. 

I really tried to go with a fresh and traditional look.  I have 3 of the school house lights (top right) and since our ceilings are a bit higher than average, I was able to use a semi-flush light which hangs down a tad.  I am in LOVE with our fridge, which my husband is the expert wheeler and dealer...I was settling with a WHOLE TON LESS until he stepped in.  It's our joke that apparently I don't have the charm that he does.  Bottom right is the granite counter top in our kitchen with subway tile back splash.  I was nervous about this combination, but there is grey in the granite that I wanted to pull out and I think it did the trick!

This is part of our Great Room and they are currently working on painting trim and finishing the fire place.  The fireplace has a grey-ish brick and sits flush on the floor (more traditional) and will have a white wood surround hearth with the very top pieced stained to match our wood doors in the house. 

Here is the rest of the Great Room and Dining Room.  They finally uncovered our windows so you can see a little snow out there.  Our couches were delivered, but we have left them safely wrapped in plastic.  Can't wait to break them out!

Directly across from the last picture is the kitchen.  They will be putting a trim piece on the cabinets to hide the under cabinet lights better.  I just LOVE my view from the large kitchen window...I can see my horses!  We have never lived in the same location as them since we've been horse owners.  A dream come true!

Here's the master bath. 

We are really happy with how the master shower turned out.  The glass is beautiful, the hardware just needs to be switched to brushed nickle.  Oh the details.... :)

The rest of this week we should be having the carpet installed in the master and upstairs.  The stair railing may be started?? and the hearth is being worked on.

Building a house takes so much patience, commuincation, and hard work!  We are looking forward to having all of our things out of storage soon!  I have so much compassion for all those who have been misplaced for any period of time!! 

Happy New Year. 


  1. It is looking fabulous!!! You will be moved in soon and enjoying your beautiful home together! Teri Lynn

  2. Your new home looks beautiful! I stumbled across your blog while looking for photos of the Vintage Pearl Cali Bamboo flooring. Are you happy with the floors now that you've lived with them for a little while? How do they look with other colors of wood? Any comments or reviews would be helpful! Thank you :)


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