Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 5 Posts for 2012

Rustic Silk began March, 2012 as a way to organize and remember projects and our home building, as well as share them with others.  Here are some of the most read posts of 2012.

#1 Struggling with Wax : Chalk painting has become super popular and to complete the look, it's pretty important that you wax the furniture so the paint is protected.  Waxing can be frustrating to say the least...this post give some tips and my own trial and errors.

#2 Chalk Paint: Cleaning & Painting : This post also shared tips on prepping and painting with chalk paint.

#3  More Annie Sloan Chalk Paint :  Are you convinced yet that chalk painting is popular?  This post showed a couple more pieces that I used chalk paint on and techniques that I would suggest.

#4  House Design: Paint Colors :  Here I described how I went about choosing our paint colors for our new home.  I shared a website you can create a virtual house (similar to the look of your own home) and experiment with different colors on it.  I included the picture I created of our virtual home and the colors I chose.

#5 Goodwill Bookshelf : I found this small bookshelf for $5 at Goodwill and transformed it into a shabby chic looking cutie!  It has worn chevron stripes on the side.

Thanks for joining me in 2012 and I hope some of my post are helpful for 2013 as well.  One of my major projects this year will be going room by room and detailing all of our home building choices and tips.  If you are doing any remodeling or home building, you may want to stop in!  I will also be posting about decorating a new home as well as creating effective organization of spaces like closets, a mud room, and my craft room!

Keeping it Sweet and Simple! 

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