Monday, September 24, 2012

Home Design: Paint Colors

Paint hunting went underway yesterday!


I picked out interior and exterior mostly within a day!  Hurray.  Our builder uses Sherwin Williams paints and online they have a fun program where you can select colors you like and they will pull up coordinating colors.  You can save the color pallets you like and label them with a name.  This is a good way to keep track of what you painted in what room for touch ups!

After going into the store, taking the swatches to the house, and approving everything with the hubby, I played around online as well.  Here are the colors I have chosen...I couldn't save just the individual colors, so just focus on the main color for each grouping of 3.

Coordinating schemes
Evening Shadow
Main Color: Evening Shadow
2 7662
Coordinating 1: Mauve Finery
2 6282
Coordinating 2: Ibis White
2 7000
Main Color: Zircon
2 7667
Coordinating 1: River Rouge
2 6026
Coordinating 2: Chaise Mauve
2 6016
Windfresh White
Main Color: Windfresh White
2 7628
Coordinating 1: Rose Embroidery
2 6297
Coordinating 2: Folkstone
2 6005
Tea Light
Main Color: Tea Light
2 7681
Coordinating 1: Relic Bronze
2 6132
Coordinating 2: Stonebriar
2 7693
Blue Horizon
Main Color: Blue Horizon
2 6497
Coordinating 1: Deep Sea Dive
2 7618
Coordinating 2: Gray Clouds
2 7658
Westhighland White
Main Color: Westhighland White
2 7566
Coordinating 1: Breathtaking
2 6814
Coordinating 2: Auric
2 6692
Extra White
Main Color: Extra White
2 7006
Coordinating 1: Tranquil Aqua
2 7611
Coordinating 2: Golden Gate
2 7679
Main Color: Reflection
2 7661
Coordinating 1: Solitude
2 6535
Coordinating 2: Rock Candy
2 6231

Most of the colors we are choosing are greys and whites. 

Online, Tea Light looks more peachy biege to's actually a warm light yellow.  I will be using this color in part of our upstairs loft to create a cozy vibe! 

The Blue Horizon will be in our guest bathroom because I like to do that room more vintage coastal.

Our master is the Evening Shadow which is a really pretty medium-light grey with a slight touch of blue. 

Our office/craft room upstairs will be usign the Zircon which is a medium-light grey.

The Great Room will be the Windfresh white which is a light grey with a touch of warmth to it.  I thought it would look nice with our white hearth.

Accent walls and ceilings will almost all be the Westhighland White.  We have a pretty dark 1/2 bath so I am going with the Extra White for that.


I was so excited to share this with you, because I created this picture on Sherwin Williams' website.  You pick the colors you like and they will put it into a picture for you.  You can choose the style of home (this is most like ours), and the main color.  They will make a recommendation of a color palate, but you can apply those colors to the specific parts of the house.  You can also pick a different color and drag it to replace a color on the pallet you don't like!! So fun!

So the main color is Anew Gray that will will be going with for our house.  The gray looks a little lighter then we think it will probably turn out. We will be doing a white carrage style garage door.  I am doing white trim and white HardieShingle accent on all the dormers and entry (not the light blue).  I put the light blue on there for you to see what I am painting our front door.  I couldn't select the front door because you can't even see it.  What do you think?  My decision was inspired by the picture at the top of this blog which I found on Pintrest.  
I'll be posting updates on the house soon, it is starting to look lots different!
Sweet & Simple.

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  1. That is great to be able to see what the paint would look like on a similar house. I'm going to have to remember this tip. I'm visiting from a link party. Thanks!

  2. that is my favorite house color combo right now! I would totally choose those colors if we were in an exterior paint choosing mode! :) So excited to see the progress and final product. Happy belated anniversary, that was a fun day. Love to you both!!

  3. p.s. I thought I was following you!!! eek! got that fixed ASAP! : / sorry!

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  5. What color is the blue?


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