Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bird Enthusiast Gift

My grandparents are HUGE bird enthusiasts!  We are currently renting a home they used to live in and when we moved in they left a few bird feeders around.  This was much less then was originally here, because my grandma was concerned about my cat getting the birds.  Well, we couldn't handle any bird feeders.  After 2 days of the (bird)dog and cat running from window to window like CRAZIES, all bird feeders were removed. 

All that to say, we are moving!  To thank my landlords for their wonderful place, I decided to make a little appreciation gift.  I found these adorable vintage bird cards from the 3 Friends Sale a few weekends back that I posted about.  These little cards have descriptions of each bird on the back, so I wanted to do something that wouldn't ruin the back. 

So here is what I did:

First, I picked up an inexpensive canvas from my local craft store.  Next I wrapped it in burlap.  I didn't get it quite as smooth as I would have liked to.  To add extra security, you can use tacky glue to attach the burlap to the canvas.  Then I went around and stapled the edges of the burlap to the canvas.  I was worried that my husband's heavy duty stapler would split the wood on the canvas so I just used a regular stapler and reinforced the corners with tacks.  I cut a little piece of ribbon for hanging and tacked that on as well.

Next I decided how I wanted the little bird cards arranged and glued mini clothespins to the burlap and canvas with tacky glue.

Once they were dry, I attached the cards and vuala! Complete!

Keeping it simple and sweet!

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