Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Post!

This will officially be my first post!  I have been saving pictures of most of my projects around the home and gifts I have done, but didn't have a good way to record the things I have been doing.  Hopefully this blog will help jog my memory when I want to go back and check things, as well as be a place that I can show what I learn from others. 

I wanted to post a really cool blog entry from my mom on a FREE photo editing program she found online.  There are probably tons of people who have already used pixl-r-matic, but I have not and thought it was great.  Many of my friends have Macs that they do incredibly artistic things on, but I have not taken the leap yet.  So here's the helpful tips and info:

Here are some examples of what she did with photos (these are pictures from my house)!


With the program:

They turned out pretty cool if you ask me!  I'm not super high tech at this point with photos but have always wanted to dink around with them.  The photo at the top of my blog is also edited with pixl-r-matic.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love the look of your new blog! It's going to be fun to follow along as you work on your projects.


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