Monday, March 12, 2012

Bored and Frugal

We are at a point in life where we are in limbo.  We know we don't want to stay in the town we are in so we are renting, but are not able to move yet.  When you rent, it's so hard to feel good about doing or buying anything major since it may not work well in your next place.  So a couple weekends ago it was finally sunny out and I just had the bug to work on something and make a change inside.

So I looked around and decided to paint a lamp I am really not a fan of.


I started by removing the shade and bulb.  Cleaned the lamp and then painted it with some leftover white primer that I had.

I didn't worry about covering the darker color completely.  Next I pulled out a grey paint I also had leftover from a project and painted the lamp.  I chose to do one coat on the textured/indented part of the lamp and did a couple of coats on the flat sections.  This created an aged/vintage feel to the paint job.

Overall, it turned out pretty well for a little update.  Next I will probably change the lampshade, but it satisfied my need for change that day. 

Simple and sweet!

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