Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Shower pt.2 Candy

Sorry it is taking me so long to complete the baby shower series!  Here is the next part...the Candy Table!  As I had mentioned before, my friend Brooke has an amazing sense of style and creativity.  The pictures are of her baby shower that she designed.

As I showed you before, here is her candy/dessert table.  She is naming her little boy Tanner so you will see lots of "T"s throughout the decor.  She used the chevron print quite a bit and even on the cake.

She had some delicious cakepops made to coordinate.

One of our wonderful friends made lemon bars and Brooke made mini carrot cake cupcakes (and I helped frost the night before at about 1am).  The carrot cakes were adorable, because they had little mini flags with cute words on them.  Brooke printed them on adhesive, cut them out and stuck them on toothpicks

She made matching chevron food signs for everything.  Some other goodies you may have notice on the table were peachie-os, blue and white mint m&ms, coconut kisses in blue wrappers, sweattart binkies, banana pudding parfaits, white melting mints, and last but not least, blue bubblegum cigars.

She even had chevron candy bags!  Stay tuned for my next post on some of the creative activities we did at Brooke's shower.

Keeping it sweet!

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