Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope you are taking time to remember the reason for this holiday weekend.  In my family, it means so much more then just bunnies and eggs!  It is the reason for joy and freedom. 

My family has collected candlewick for at least 4 generations now.  I got my first piece (shown above) when my great grandma passed away a couple years ago.  I did a little research on this type of crystal glassware, because I have noticed it coming back around a bit, but often in the form of "knock offs."  Here's what I found via the great world wide web:

Candlewick was produced in Ohio by a company named Imperial Glass Company.  The company's president, Earl Newton, designed and introduced Candlewick in 1936.  Candlewick is known for its beaded glass design.  The balls/beads are usually spaced out along the piece of glass to showcase the delicate glass design.  It became one of the company's strongest sellers.

Mr. Newton named the crystal "Candlewick" because it reminded him of "Candlewicking," a style of needlework popular during the Colonial time period.  The production of Candlewick ran until the mid 50's, so it is fairly valuable when you find an authentic piece with no scratches or damage to it.

How do you tell Candlewick apart from other similar designs?  The Candlewick pattern has balls that DO NOT run together.  They are separated by a small space and are complete balls, making it look more delicate and I believe it always comes in clear crystal (not colored).

Hope this has been interesting!

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