Monday, May 14, 2012


Jeff and I have been going back and forth over the mountain the last few weekends because he has already started work over in Central Oregon and I am finishing up work over here in the valley.  It is a bit of a bummer at times, but we are surviving and excited about working on our new property!  A couple weekends ago, we had some free time, which we knew was going to be rare, so we headed to sisters to do some shopping and lollygagging together.  We stopped in at an antique store and found this darling rustic lantern.

The owner said she had just put it out that morning and that she can hardly keep lanterns stalked.  The other item I am super excited to put in our new house my mom found at the Farmhouse Sale in Turner, OR.  I wasn't able to go because I was up in Seattle that weekend, but she said it was an awesome show and she got some great finds as well that I will have to share later.  Here is what she got me:

Now the funny thing is, I always despised decorating and/or wearing anything horse related.  I was adamant about just wanting to own horses and not decorate/wear them.  Well...of course that is biting me in the butt because equine items are definitely popping up in current decorating styles and I kinda like some of it (including these).  I promise though...I will not go overboard and NO CLOTHES OR ACCESSORIES with horses on them.

Keeping it Sweet and Simple!

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