Saturday, March 24, 2012

Burlap Letters How To

I have been gradually working on our master bedroom setup for a while now...  We got the bedroom set we wanted, but I also wanted to mix in some vintage redone pieces (more on that later).  So far, I have only done furniture pieces, but for Valentines Day, my mom got me this very cute framed heart.  I decided I could use it year round for our bedroom. 

So to personalize it, I decided to go on the hunt for large letters I could place on either side.  Here is a little info on how I get the end product.

I found these thin wood letters at our local craft store.  They were a little smaller then I had hoped, but they were the biggest I could find.  I also had some leftover white burlap that I cut into big pieces to wrap the letters.  I used scissors and originally started by using Mod Podge and a foam brush....BIG MISTAKE.

Mod Podge is not strong enough to hold the burlap onto the letters so I switched over to the "never fail" tacky glue.  On the picture below you can see that I did swirls of glue because Tacky Glue always dries clear.

It is also important to cut little slits where there is a curve so that you are able to fold the fabric over and glue it to the back.  If you look at the edge of the B, in the corner of the above picture, you can see how I glued the burlap to the back.  This is a fairly messy project because of the Tacky Glue goes through the burlap, so make sure to do it on something that can get glue on it.  Just let the glue dry and you're done!

You may ask how I decided to put which letter where...we just decided to put the letter on the same side the person sleeps!

Keeping it sweet and simple!

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