Friday, March 23, 2012

Simple Vintage Eggs

Sun, school's out for Spring Break, and piece and quiet!  That's a recipe for inspiration.  Today I worked on a bunch of simple but sweet projects!  I love it when you can sit down, work on a project and complete it within a reasonable amount of time (and that same day).

I haven't done any Easter decorating this year until just today.  I've been seeing a lot of cute eggs posted and at shows, but it doesn't seem right to buy them when you could easily make your own!  So I went down to our local craft store and bought some basic paper mache eggs to paint, got my favorite coffee (chai this time) and put a Focus on the Family broadcast on.

Here is a little "how to" on my Easter Eggs!  You will need a couple stamps (I used an "S" and a vintage script stamp), paint (I used ivory & mixed a white and brown for the second color), sponge brush, small paint brush for speckles, and empty toilet paper roles.  I started by painting half my eggs a light ivory and the other half a light brownish color.  I saw this trick of cutting up a toilet paper roll to help the eggs dry on Pintrest. 

  Once you have your eggs completely painted, you can begin stamping or speckling.  I used the smallest paint brush I had to put on speckles of the opposite paint color.  For stamping, I painted the opposite paint color onto the stamp and slowly rolled it onto the egg.  If the stamp did not transfer as well as I wanted, I touched it up with the small paintbrush. 

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

Keeping it simple and sweet!

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