Thursday, March 22, 2012


Easter is coming!  I really haven't had time to do much this year, which is sad, but I do have a couple things I did last year that I saved pictures of.  Nothing amazing, but here they are!

I grew up with handmade knit finger puppets and when I got my School Counselor job and my nephew was born, I decided I would figure out how to knit some.  These bunnies were made last year for my nephew.  More on finger puppets in the future.

Making cards has not become a regular hobby of mine.  I still like the idea, but they never turn out as well as I imagine them to.  These Easter cards turned out pretty well. 

Here's what you need:
- base paper... I chose a lavender cardstalk and cut it to fit the envelopes
 -two more paper designs (eggs)
-purple felt (egg) 
-two more paper designs for the center
-E sticker
-stamp design for the bottom with two different inks

For the eggs, I traced and cut out mini ovals.  The center polka dotted paper, I cut with a paper cutter, but the yellow skinny piece I tore so that the white rough edge showed giving it a little character.  I stamped the bottom of the card with two different colors of ink.  You could leave that off and it would still be super cute.

The nice thing about these cards is I did not have to go out and buy all new paper.  If you have left over paper from crafts or scrapbooking, it's pretty simple to put something together that looks Easter-like.

Sweet and (a little less) simple!

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