Saturday, August 18, 2012

House Design: Flooring

As most of you already know, unless you are new to my blog, my husband and I are in the process of having a house built.  It is definitely a dream come true, and we never expected to be able to do this so young, but I have been intrenched with decisions for the design details!!

Recently, I posted our plumbing fixtures , so if you missed it, just click on the link. 

I am getting super close to having all my flooring nailed down.  Here are some of ideas/decisions:

Our home is two stories, so on the bottom floor I am leaning toward doing a bamboo flooring in our  main living area.  We are looking at the Vintage Pearl Wide Plank Bamboo Flooring .  It has a white look with lots of wood grain showing through.  The company that produces this floor is Cali Bamboo.  You can order this flooring online or through Lowe's.

We are leaning toward bamboo, because it is supposed to be much harder than even the hardest engineered woods.  Since we have pets, hope to have chillens, like to entertain, the durability is huge for us.

We have a 1/2 bath downstairs that we will be using this American Olean white ceramic floor tile.  We found it at Lowe's as well.  We will probably be doing a light grey grout.

We have chosen a slate from Lowe's as well.  This one is a lightly textured grey with a few specs and smudges of other color.  The brand is Creations Ceramic & Stone and it's a 16 x16 floor tile in Autumn Liliac.  This tile will be going in our laundry/mud room and in our upstairs bathroom. (Sorry no picture)

The last tile we are using is another American Olean.  It has a more matt look with tiny glossy spects.  It give this flooring a more dressy look adn we are using it in the master bath.  The color is St. Germain Gris.

Last, is our carpet... we are still trying to decide on this.  It's tough because we are doing carpet on the stairs, upstairs, and in the Master (downstairs).  I know I want something durable for the stairs and upstairs, but I love soft fluffy!  So we found a Martha Stewart carpet at Home Depot.  The carpet is called Hillwood and it is a loop carpet.  Most of the time I DO NOT like loop carpets, but this one is really nice and soft.  It is also made of nylon, which is more durable.

Our master carpet is fun and comfy!!  We are still waiting on a bigger sample piece to come in, but as long as it checks out, this will be the one!  It's a carpet by Mohawk caled Flavius II.  I couldn't find the picture online, so this one is from my phone.

Sorry it's a bit small and blurry, but hopefully you can get the picture! ;)

Let me know what you think!?


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