Sunday, November 18, 2012

House Update Pre-Thanksgiving

So it's official, we will not be in our house by Thanksgiving...sad...

Building our house has been exciting, but the snail pace of it takes a little of the excitement away because it's so gradual.  It's hard to be patient (and kind sometimes).  One of the things I am saddest about is that I probably won't be able to do any Christmas decorating this year...super sad.

But I do love how my choices are all coming together!

The exterior paint still isn't finished all the way.  I am hoping to get a thicker trim for the front door and then they will be constructing our front pillars.  That will all be white along with the shake in the entry.  Our garage door will have the carriage door hardware on it eventually as well. 

We were really excited when they were able to lay our garage floor.  We were getting worried because we had had a week of below freezing weather.

Jeff had some fun a couple weeks ago when it was around 70 degrees...such nice weather and he was trying to get our water and power lines dug to reach the barn.  We were pretty worried because of our lush fertile ground (sarcasm), here's a soil sample:
So the fact that he could dig as deep and far as he did was a MIRACLE!!  And for once saved us A LOT of $.

Things have slowly started being installed on the inside.  We now have power.  We also had all our cabinets delivered and I am thrilled about how they are turning out.  They have a really pretty grey on the edges that make them look slightly rustic.

The glass doors will be on both sides of the window.  Here is a picture of how great my bamboo floors are going to look with the cabinets and a close-up so you can see the texture in the floors.

The 1/2 bath floor is turning out adorable:
I decided to use the same tile in our upstairs bath for the shower.  They have only started that will be on the ceiling above the shower as well since the ceiling comes so low.  This is going to be an interesting bathroom...

Our master tile floor is super classy and I am happy with how the shower is turning out.  It is pretty simple, but that's what you get when you need to stick a little closer to the budget! :)  The master shower will have a half glass wall to the right with a full glass front and no nasty metal framing.  That pushed the budget over a bit ;).

That's about it for now...wish there was more to share! 

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  1. Looking good! The tile in the little bathroom is adoorable. The cabinets and bamboo floor is going to look really nice together. It's getting exciting!


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