Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beachy Nursery

While visiting my So. Cal. friends, I had to take a picture of Brooke's nursery.  If you remember, I blogged about her cute/fresh bathroom remodel and her baby shower design.  Here are some peaks at how she put her nursery together.  She still plans to hang a couple pictures, but I think it's awesome as is!!

Brooke is planning to hang the Tanner banner from the driftwood onto the wall.

Tanner's daddy is a Police Officer, so I bought him this super cute Police Car from Pottery Barn kids that's on his changing table. The lamp could be easily recreated with a white lamp shade and ribbon of any color!

She chose a sheer white curtain and hung it from a piece of driftwood mounted to the wall. 

Brooke's husband slaved over these lanterns!! They were originally lanterns you would set on a table with a candle in it, but Brooke decided she wanted to hang them and transfer them into a light fixture. He VERY carefully worked on these and hung them from thick "marina" like ropes in line with the ocean room vibe.

  Here's a close-up:

Very beautiful calming space!  Hope you enjoyed!!

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